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  1. Filmography & Editing Club

    by Olly Newport

    15.7K Videos / 4,520 Members

    Thanks for joining this club! Post your videos and files/production music (make sure you can post it first!) and share your wealth of film-making and editing knowledge.


    by andris damburs

    2,301 Videos / 11.3K Members

    From Lumiere Brothers to contemporary cinema... a subjective view on the history of 35mm cinema, quotes of famous directors; documentary, "unknown" and underground cinema; music and animation…

  3. dslr cineastas latinos

    by Jonathan Homer Vargas

    1,519 Videos / 289 Members

    para todos los artista de cine independiente esperamos que seas parte de nuestro foro

  4. AAU MPT Group

    by Yuzhou Zhu (Cosmo)

    23 Videos / 16 Members

    A group for AAU Mpt Students to Show and Discuss the projects. And also, for finding Crews!

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