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Aiora is Dimitris Giakoumakis from Chania, Greece.He is an ambient, organic experimental music producer inspired by the moment.
He studied music production with Dimitris Adam at the electronic music department of the Neo Odeo of Thessaloniki, in collaboration with Sonic Intelligent. He graduated in June 2008 with his first live concert called “Another Fine Project 8”.
Early 2009 he co-operating with I Awake (Thomas Huttenlocher) on the I Awake & Aiora project.
Their first album released from Existence records at September 2010 and the name of it is Morph !
In spring of 2011 been selected as one of the top 5 runners up in Plastikman (Richie Hawtin) remix competition.
Aiora has been into electronic music as an observer and Dj for over 10 years and has been working as a music producer since 2006.
Funke - Timewart Inc. (Aiora barefoot remix) - timewarp music (2006)
Morph Album - Aiora , Iawake - existence records (2010)
Sands feat. Bahramji - Aiora & Genuine mix - sine music (2011)
Plastikman - ask yourself ( Aiora remix ) minus (2011) 
Handsteps EP - PFLrecords 002 (2011)
Aiora - handsteps remixes PFL records (2012)
Lks - wunderland remixes PFL records (2012)
V.A. ONE - from a tree records (2012)
V.A. Chapter Two - Origami records (2011)
V.A. Neil Davies - Jack Lane Audio Visual
V.A. Lk's - casual conventions PFL records (2012)
And more . …
Labels : P.F.L. Records (Greece/Moscow/Berlin)
Existence records (Canada)
Full color emotion(U.K)
Origami sound
From a tree records (Greece)

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  1. Existence Music
  2. Origami Sound
  4. Full Color Emotion

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