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musician. storyteller. aspiring visual-maker.

please check out my band blue rabbit and let me know if you are interested in using our music for your any of your projects! we'd love to share in your talents!

Blue Rabbit Bio:
Lyric-driven art rock. Blue Rabbit is a San Francisco-based indie band on the Bjork side of Arcade fire. What began as an experimental, drum-based choral ensemble, now rides upon a rich cello bass line, and is adorned by the syncopated tinkling of a Celtic harp. After two years, the final addition of keys and electric guitar brings Blue Rabbit into a more recognizable realm of indie rock, and further from its dadaist, field holler-esque origins. Blue Rabbit is: Heather Anderson, Arami Reyes, Sarah Rocklin, Timothy Galida, Kristin Harris, Eah Herren, Kevin Weber.

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