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¥ Rich Kids ¥

Behind these three words, a mysterious atypical french indie-rock electro duo hailed from Cameroon. Lightweight at first sight but staggeringly lush and soulful underneath the surface, AIR BAG ONE brings to life a new definition of modern romanticism. They experience with a wide pop spectrum rubbed with paranoia. Always seeking for cutting-edge yet compelling sounds, Loris and Wendy are craving for an impossible ideal. Their ”lo-fi” versions of their own tracks reveal the other side of the chimera, a limitless and multifaceted music with quirky sound and unexpected right-turns. Visual arts being also part of their DNA, Air Bag One collaborated with photographer Janette Beckman (The Clash, Run DMC, The Ramones, Slick Rick…) and L.A.-based artist Blake Little.
After several shows at SXSW and boasting experience alongside Haim, Imagine Dragons and The Maccabees among others, their debut album, Rich Kids is an exercise in chiaroscuro, balancing beauty and chaos in perfect harmony.
“We are the oyster flags”.

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