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Composer Lisa Bielawa’s Airfield Broadcasts are massive, spatialized symphonies involving approximately 1000 professional, student, and amateur musicians, including orchestras, bands, choruses, and experimental new music groups from Germany and the United States. In May and October 2013, hundreds of musicians performed on the grounds of the former Tempelhof Airfield and Crissy Airfield for thousands of music lovers (and unwitting park goers).

The goal of Airfield Broadcasts is to interpret and celebrate these public spaces, allowing listeners to draw their own meaning and experience from them. Bielawa hopes that the projects will have a palpable and sustainable impact on the cities involved. Of Airfield Broadcasts she says, “I would like to see this project bring about new partnerships, new vitality, and new relationships between arts and civic institutions, between different generations and economic strata, between arts or music lovers and totally non-arts-identified park-goers enjoying a surprise encounter with music as a ‘happening’ in the middle of their familiar and beloved city.”

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