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AirKraft Productions specializes in providing groundbreaking, remote aerial cinematography and photography. We utilize the latest technology that combines remote aviation, telemetry, GPS and robotics, tailoring it for use in the motion picture, television and commercial industry. The result is our ability to achieve captivating aerial footage previously only attainable by using a full size helicopter/crew (not to mention a full size budget). We offer an affordable option to elevate your production, providing big budget aerial shots for small budget prices. In addition to capturing amazing helicopter style aerials, our camera system is versatile enough that it effortlessly performs moves that achieve shots typically acquired using large cranes, jibs, cable/pulley systems, dolly/track equipment, car-mounted or towing systems (for moving vehicle scenes), we can even mimic the low altitude, gliding camera look achieved with a steady cam!

This is the power of new technology and the inspiration for all that we do.

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