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AJ EPYX PRODUCTIONS, LLC is a New York-based independent film production company created and operated by Andre´ Joseph. We strive in bringing quality to the best stories destined for the big screen.

With a team of highly educated and aspiring filmmakers, AJ EPYX PRODUCTIONS, LLC will not only operate as an outlet for filmmaking but also as a freelance service for the videotaping, editing, and DVD packaging for special events including weddings, birthday parties, independent concerts, etc.

Our first feature film, "Priceless", premiered at Tribeca Cinemas in October 2008 and was selected for exhibition at the NY International Independent Film & Video Festival in March 2009. In 2013, our second feature film, Dishonorable Vendetta, was picked up and release for video-on-demand by Goliath Motion Picture Promotions and the dramatic short film, Night Stream, was an official selection for the NewFilmmakers NY Fall Series. and the 5th annual World Music & Independent Film Festival in Washington D.C.

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