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AJUTSI - Association for Aid to South India was established in 1998 as a Direct Aid Association to promote and support development projects in South India in cooperation with NGO's from there. His goal has always been working actively on improving the living conditions of families without means of Southern India.

In rural areas many families to survive have to work all family members including young children, and most of the population is illiterate.
Many of these children live in deplorable conditions and out of school.

AJUTSI learned of the existence of an NGO called AMS - Adaikalapuram Missionary Society - started by a Christian Indian missionary, Father John I. Paul, who has devoted over 40 years serving the poorest of the districts of Tiruvannamalai and Gingee, Tamil Nadu, South India, struggling to provide opportunities for children.

John's father encouraged us to participate in the educational project and to provide the population of Gengapuram and near a secondary school education.

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