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Andrey Kachalian, filmmaker, editor. Graduated from the history department at Rostov State University. At various points worked as a university history teacher, a digital photo laboratory operator and a staff photographer at a business newspaper. In 2013 graduated from the Rodchenko Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia. Participated in various exhibitions and film festivals in Russia and abroad. Among them: 2013 Nominees of Кandinsky Prize, Cinema “Udarnik”, Moscow, Russia
; 2013 “Why do We Co to See Exhibitions”, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia
; 2013 ArtDocFest, Moscow, Russia, 2013 “Der Essentielle Moment Ficken, Drogen, Steinsein”, Masc Foundation, Vienna, Austria, 2013 “C’est La Via”, Atelier Suterena, Vienna, Austria


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