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Akil DuPont was born and raised in Tallahassee, FL. A proud Rattler, Akil attended FAMU DRS from Kindergarten until he graduated from Florida A&M University with his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics! After 20 years of education from FAMU, he worked as a Bank Manager in Orlando, FL for several years. During this time, Akil was very involved in the world of Fashion and Modeling.

Akil rediscovered his passion for creating and directing while serving as the CEO of Faces Modeling Troupe Inc., a state‐wide, 300+ member modeling organization. With Faces, Akil honed his skills in Photography, Fashion/Costume Design and Directing.

Seeing the opportunity to fulfill his childhood dreams of working in the film industry, he was accepted into the Master of Fine Arts
program at one of the top Film Schools in the nation, Florida State University.

While working with his classmates, Akil furthered his craft in Directing, Production Design, Storytelling and the
Photography Arts. During his time at the Film School, he was honored by his classmates as one of the Top Production
Designers and Cameraman in the class, as well as a stand‐out Director! With his MFA degree completed and a student
Emmy award‐winning short film "Underground" that he directed and co‐wrote, Akil hopes to expand "Underground" into a feature-length film and bring stories to the screen that entertain, captivate and educate!

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