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Akoko is a Washington, Dc based music group led by Sugg Savage & Sloane Amelia, set out to entertain true music lovers of all genres. Blending their loves of Rock, Neo-Soul, Reggae, & Hip-Hop music, Akoko focuses on creating great music as an art form. Artists Sugg Savage & Sloane Amelia are both multi-talented musicians, performing together in different musical organizations for over 4 years. Sugg, a singer/songwriter & guitarist, is a student of Berklee College of Music & is the duos’ lead vocalist. Singer/songwriter Sloane Amelia, attends Howard University & is Akoko’s lead MC. Both young women are proudly of Caribbean decent & have been heavily involved with music through-out their upbringings. The name Akoko is a West-African Luo word meaning “Little Noise Maker”, representing both their appreciation of African culture and the “noise” the young duo creates. Often times performing at different events on U St in Washington DC, Akoko can be seen in various nightspots and poetry ciphers in and around the DC area. Connect with Akoko on both Facebook & Youtube for updates, releases, events, & contact information

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