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I'm 60 something and recently got restarted in video since I was last a film student in the 70"s a lot has changed.Effects from cinelab were about 5 cents a frame for a dissolve and a week or two to get your film back from the lab.Forget video they wouldn't let us touch the 2 inch quad machines . No such thing as a NLE or pc's.I moved to Alaska 32 years ago and found what little freedom is left in the U.S.A..I am a A-1 for the largest sound company here not much by some standards but I've worked with an incredible variety of artist (all of the top 20 of soft jazz) and events including the infamous Talkeetna music festival.This is a middle of nowhere Alaska where you go to climb Denali(Mt.McKinley for you outsiders). Visually my main goals are exploring the limits of reality. I love pre-wwII animation where anything goes.


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    Very Monty Pythonist. Cool