While I sat here icing my knee on this ever so comfortable couch with my winter ski season...OVER, I was rolling through footage from Saturday. I then figure'd I would throw some clips together and try to give ya a few runs down copper since we've gettin some fresh. Kept this one short n to the point. Snow was deep, fresh, and fun...until I hit THAT rock. A tobaggon ride down the mountain, a visit to the hospital with no insurance, xrays,and a few calls to the parents, i find myself all braced up with torn ligaments in my right knee. I fly back to Canada this weekend for the next couple months to visit the orthopedist to get the final word on surgery, therapy, etc., but thats still to occur.

Go ride, have fun, wear a shred ready helmet, and dont hit any rocks.
More riding n debauchery to come here in the next few weeks for Episode 4. It's gunna be ill

j vimeo.com/9653672

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