This is really two short films in one, all shot this past weekend on the Canon T2i/550D at the great Philip Bloom HD-DSLR gathering in Venice Beach, CA.

The first half is "Venice"--all the kooky characters on the boardwalk and all the kooky characters holding HD-DSLRs. The second half is "ecineV"--the more dreamy, lyrical slow-mo footage I took of seagulls and people.

Some of you may recognize Philip Bloom, Rodney Charters (DP, "24"), and Mitch from planet5D.

This meet-up was a great opportunity to test the T2i in an interesting environment in VERY windy conditions! I really wanted to push this little thing to the limit and see what kind of images it could reproduce. In short, I'm super-flattened (pardon the pun) by the T2i image quality.

Make sure and watch for the slow-mo seagull nature porn footage! These are some of my favorite shots and start around 1:30 in the video. I have never had as much fun shooting and watching seagulls.

Video specs:

- Shot entirely with the Canon EOS Rebel T2i/550D
- 1080p/24fps and 720p/59.98 slowed to 24 in Cinema Tools
- Nikkor 50 mm ai series, f1.4; Nikon E Series 70-200 mm, f4
- Picture profile: standard
- Shutter speed was whatever it needed to be to get proper exposure (although a lot of it is a bit over-exposed.). I did my best to use 1/50 but needed to go higher because I don't yet have ND filters. (ND filters will be my next purchase.)
- ISO 100
- LCDVF and jerry-rigged Home Depot shoulder mount (Wish I had a tripod for a few of the shots, though.)
- Cut in FCP
- Graded in After Effects with Colorista
- Music is from Extreme Music library

The wind was so strong, the seagulls could literally float in the air--pure awesomeness. In slow-mo, the flocks of seagulls were more beautiful than I ever remembered seagulls to be (typically, I think of them dive-bombing my ice cream cones). They really looked like a coordinated squadron of F-16 fighter jets.

I had a blast shooting and editing this piece. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have putting it together! ;0)


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