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Described by Rolling Stone as “one of America’s most consistently interesting bands” and “America’s foremost rock impressionists,” Wilco has consistently redefined their musical palette across their lifespan of the past two decades while maintaining arguably the best and tightest musicianship among their genre. Tonight, the band will bring their eclectic brand of rock to the Austin City Limits stage for the fourth time.

Since Wilco’s formation, the Chicago sextet has built a devoted following and an impressive repertoire that mixes country, indie-rock, and experimental elements with old fashioned roots-rock. With eight critically-acclaimed studio albums and two Grammy Awards, they have emerged as a successful and highly celebrated act whose melodic adventurism sets them apart from their contemporaries. Although Wilco’s musical evolution has attributed to much of the their commercial success over the years, the band still manages to skillfully incorporate country and folk elements that defined their sound years prior while maintaining a dedicated fan base. Filter said the Wilco sound is so successful because it “relies heavily on the inspired intricacies of a full-hearted band.”

Wilco’s most recent record, 2011’s The Whole Love, marks the band’s first release on their own newly formed label, dBpm Records. “The Whole Love feels like a truly audacious studio record, jam-packed with instruments, ideas, and the sort of restless creativity that marked 2002’s game-changer, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot,” wrote The Boston Phoenix. American Songwriter wrote. “If (2009’s) Wilco (The Album) was the band tempering their experimental nature into something more accessible, The Whole Love refines that approach and showcases the full range of Wilco’s considerable abilities.”


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