snap shot of one of the scene

Dr:Saki Maeda

1,The world of stopped clock

everything are passing.
I had lived at the glory world.
I had perfectly same with light.
I had light itself.

But now, I lost the connection with lithe.
my clock had broken.
my world will never shine what it had…..

am I failed to my mission?
am I failed to my life?
only I can do is living like an retired person?

my clock had broken.

2,Self conference

A lot of person entered into my white room.
In each time, different words had left.
Whenever someone left this room, I felt just loneliness.
I hadn't feel angry or sadness.
It was just loneliness.
They had found something in my room.
But after they found it, they had gone.Nobody had stay here.

I know why they had gone.
I know why they needed to gone.
they needed to leave me alone because I needed to fight with this loneliness.
I needed to get used to this loneliness. because, I'll live with almost eternity.
I need to watch the next genesis.
I'll wait in ten billion nights and one hundred billion see.

I had been scared about leave this room by myself.
Because, I had known what will happen if I left this room.

I'll meet my light again.and live eternally.
But before gone, I want to get a bit more memories.
even if it 'll just a slight memory,I want to get it before that time.

So I decided to leave this room.

3. Grasp the sky_

one step forward, one window opened.
another one step, another window said welcome.
Still I can walk.
Still I can watch this world.

I had lived as if I trying to grasp the sky.
I had searched hope which can change my fate.
I had searched sanctuary which can change something.

but now i understood.
my turn is almost finished.
I missed the mission.
now I'm wandering in the labyrinth.
the exit is already diapered.

But I'm still living.
what should I do now?
what can I do now?
I understood I can't save my life.
I found it was too late to understanding the system.
I had a chance. but I missed.

Then what should I do from now?
I'll make the animal trail for the next me.
maybe he'll be cleverer than me.
maybe he'll realize the sign earlier than me.
I failed to complete my mission.
so I would like to ask next me to take over my mission.
maybe you'll not realize I 'm a previous you.
but it's not matter.
Even if you'll not understood we 're the same person, when you would finish this mission, my life ’ll be rewarded.

From now, I'll live for preparing the path and power.
hope you'll aware the signs and receive my legacy.
even if you'll miss again, we'll try again and again.
we need to meet him and need to complete the mission.

Then, I'll come back to my daily life,and charge the power.
I'll experience a lot of things. and experience a lot of feelings.
I'll try to stop the time and accelerate my heart faster than the light.
I'll try to accelerate a lot of people 's heart faster than the ray.
then, we can close to the gate.

4 I'm home

There were nothing.
there were only lights.
there were no boarder between you and I.
there were no boarder past and future.

but I know this world is facing to the death.
we need to make new world again or come back to darkness.

I also understood probably I can't see the climax.
But even if it so, I'll use whole of my life for the mission.
Even if I'll be the person who can't come back to the light, I'll forward to this path.
Even if I would never get what I had wished, I'll accept my fate.
I understood, I need to finish my mission if I want to come back to daily life.

But before that time,I want to do something at here.
I want to experience a bit and know a bit about this world before I'll lose the outline of myself.
I had loved this world.
Even if I'll never watch this world like this, even If i can't bring this memory to next life, I loved this world.


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