(quoted from David B. Smith Gallery Press Release 2009)

The Capture series, first introduced in this exhibition, references Robert Smithson and the tradition of landscape architecture started in America by Fredrick Law Olmsted. Smithson created works of land art where he poured glue on the surface of the earth. Olmstead completely fabricated the pastoral, picturesque, and formal landscapes of New York City’s Central Park from an inhospitable swamp.

Euclide takes paint and pours it on the land, capturing the local flora and terrain in the paint. On top of the paint, Euclide builds a diorama, depicting the concept of the idealized landscape framework. What the viewer sees in these pieces is more than any one concept—it is the interaction and interconnection between the actual land, the cultural idealization of the landscape, and the art-making process itself. Through this tension, these pieces address the issues of regeneration, recycling, growth and decay, the synthetic and the organic, and the very cycles driven by nature

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