Além D'Olhar fotografia
FOTOGRAFIA e VÍDEO de Parto Humanizado
Facebook: ALEMDOLHAR fotografia
(48) 9121-1567
Florianópolis - SC

Humanized childbirth - a home or hospital birth that respects both mother and baby - is every woman's right!

Ana Cristina Duarte - midwife
Ana Paula Caldas - neonatologist
Lucia Caldeyro Stajano - doula
Suzanne Shub - video editor
Vívian Scaggiante - photographer and videographer

1 - Oh Happy Day
2 - Life Gods
Marisa Monte e Gilberto Gil
3 - My Sweet Lord
George Harrison
4 - Ave Maria
5 - Celta Devoção
6 - Todo Cambia
7 - Eu Agradeço
Paulo Coração
8 - Pachamama

On 14 September 2013, the day of his first birthday, the video of his birth was presented for the first time in public to more than 500 health professionals at the "I Congresso de Parto, Nascimento e Amamentação Saudáveis" (The First Healthy Labour, Birth and Breastfeeding Congress) at the University of São Carlos in Brazil. Incredible!
We waited one year to make this video public because we weren't sure what to do with such special material! We've now decided that the moment has come to share it with the world!
We would like to thank this wonderful family (Ulli, Thomaz, Noah, Elias) for believing in Além D'Olhar's contribution and work! We would like to thank Elias, who arrived in this world already contributing to a great transformation! And the fantastic birth team: thank you Ana Cris, Ana Paula, Lucia for your cooperation, understanding and belief!
Enjoy every second of this video!


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