Pulseprogramming (+ Videos):
Two, mostly three, and well, actually, sometimes, we were five, once in awhile, six. All friends. A funny little band, a collective, a crew. It consisted of two musicians, a poet, two designers, and a video/filmmaker. We even had a good run there for a moment back in 2003. Toured the U.S. a few times, played the Sonar Festival in Barcelona, then off to Europe for five weeks. Lots of press, lots of goofing around, lots of miles travelled, lots of new and old faces, lots of wandering. And, then, eventually, like all good things, it came to an end. But back then when I had toured with Pulseprogramming, our live shows included videos that I created to accompany us, specifically to be projected behind us as we performed. Once, in an interview, Marc & Joel described themselves as being the orchestra to my silent films, and if you’d ever seen us live, you would’ve most likely encountered some of these pieces. All of these videos were made between 1999 - 2003, and for the first time publicly, I’ve posted most of them here. Ah, yes, old friends and old memories... Good memories and good friends.

From the album "Tulsa For One Second":


j vimeo.com/1514073

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