Flood Fringe:
Arvid Tomayko-Peters - computer, trumpet
Elliot Creager - guitar, electronics

Audio recorded live @ AS220 - Oct 27, 2012
Elliot and I were going for a spontaneous, improvised performance in which we can build, take apart and recall structures. All the loops are recorded live during the performance. I'm the one mostly manipulating the loops, but I'm also playing synths, filter feedback and trumpet.

Listen to the rest of the performance here:

Video by Arvid Tomayko-Peters - Nov 2012
I was going for something like the music - sort of environmental - taking you to different places that may seem ordinary at first, but are unique have a beauty of their own. I also wanted to reference the collage feel that the music sometimes has when i bring back sets of loops from earlier in the piece.

j vimeo.com/53307248

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