This is a project that deals with co2 emissions. I have always thought that global warming and emissions were so hard to understand. I wanted to break down all of the numbers into something that everyone could relate to. I took an intersection and figured out how much co2 is emitted by one car crossing it. The installation uses video to show the emissions and then is continously tallying them into a seperate counter display. I also wanted to feel like the polution was affecting the viewer that is why the number appears on the floor as if it is pouring out of the counter into the gallery space. In turn poluting the gallery. I did all of the video work in after effects and made the counting system in MAX/MSP with Jitter.

the final tally from the April 5 (6:55pm) - April 10 (12:30pm) Installation was:
Stoplight Changes: 9144
Cars: 287563
Lbs of CO2: 3414.224292


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