Impossibility Now is a trans* politics manifesto by Dean Spade. Dean made “Impossibility Now” for the February 2013 “Gender Talents: A Special Address” Conference at the Tate Modern in London. The Conference asked invited speakers to perform a manifesto. The video takes themes from Dean’s book, Normal Life, and illustrates them with images. Dean teamed up with filmmaker Basil Shadid to shoot and edit the film, and further edited with Hope Dector at the Barnard Center for Research on Women.

Impossibility Now was published in issue 11.1-11.2 of The Scholar & Feminist Online, “Gender, Justice, and Neoliberal Transformations.” Because the images in the video flash by quickly, Dean created an annotated slideshow, available at . The slideshow provides an opportunity to look at the images more slowly, learn more about what they depict, and click through to related web resources.

Dean Spade is an associate professor at the Seattle University School of Law and is currently a fellow in the Engaging Tradition Project at Columbia Law School. In 2002 he founded the Sylvia Rivera Law Project, a non-profit collective that provides free legal help to low-income people and people of color who are trans, intersex and/or gender non-conforming and works to build trans resistance rooted in racial and economic justice. He is the author of Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics and the Limits of Law (2011).

Captions are available at . Los subtítulos en español se encuentran ahora disponibles para Impossibility Now en YouTube: Para activarlos, apretar CC y seleccionar Español.


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