A short film on sex -and human- trafficking.

_Official selection DIGI 2010. Drama International Short Film Festival, September 2010.

_First prize (video art category) in Artwave Athens Festival 2009 as a 3' short version under the name
"Noli Me Tangere".

Promise, dream, deception, violence, dependence, acceptance, silence.

A silent and tormenting ritual that is being repeated perpetually throughout the whole world. Everytime is a new first time of a process that accumulates indelible marks on its victims. A sterilized, repetitive ceremony, evoking a surgical operation, repeated continually without any emotional interference by the people who take part in it; predefined roles, from which they can hardly ever escape.

written, filmed, directed and produced by
Charalampos Krekoukiotis - Panagiotis Mavros

camera: Panagiotis Mavros/ Charalampos Krekoukiotis/ Taline Zabounian/ Panagiotis Tsetsekos

sound design and original score/ Eventless Plot

Zoe Tsavdarides / Theodosis Konstas / Giorgos Tzavaras / Pol Bouratsis / Marilia Roidi / Vasia Paspali / Yiannis Spanakis / Marios Perrakis / Ilia Dechaves / Athanasia Vasdeki / Charalampos Krekoukiotis

many many thanks to all of you who helped us in every imaginable way before and during the shootings! check the credits after the film! you're there!

j vimeo.com/18239103

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