Video produced by Bob Ketchum:
"Whiplash Gumbo" is is the musical vehicle that drives songs written and performed by M.R. ("Randy") Keck. I have produced and engineered five albums and six music videos for M.R. Keck over the past 27 years of collaboration.

This music video took several months of editing and post production sessions due to the complexity of the layering in the video. The camera we used to shoot the blue screen footage was a Sony PD170. Some public domain footage or stills was incorporated into this video, but most of the footage was original or created in the studio.
Our DIY blue screen is basic but functional. We hang it on hinges and swing it up when doing recording sessions.

The studio uses Sony's Vegas for video production and ACID for multitrack digital audio recording. Our main camera is a Sony UVW-100 Betacam SP camcorder with a Fuji lens. We also have two PD170's (DVCAM) and two VX-1000's.

We recently downsized from a large format audio console to a Mackie 1640 w/firewire & can record 16 tracks simultaneously. Insert points on each channel can be routed through the studio's racks of vintage audio gear. Our main audio/video station is a 990 DUAL XEON (Intel Dual Xeon 3.0 GHz Pentium 4) system. The studio's array of four computers are connected via intranet.


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