I didn't have an elementary art teacher growing up and I was craving artistic opportunities. I would spend more time on drawing my book report cover than writing my report. I entered every art and coloring contest I saw. Every birthday & Christmas I asked for art supplies and sketchbooks. I drew ALL the time and tried to teach myself the best I could to improve. When I entered high school and saw the list of classes I could take I acted like a starved ravenous wolf and absolutely devoured every fine arts class they offered from visual art to creative writing to drama.
I was late in developing my skills and worked really hard at catching up to my peers. I was too late to compete with the musicians or actors. I didn't have any stage experience and all the confidence that comes from early exposure. Art was my lifeline, my passion, and my identity. I was the student who needed to demonstrate learning through drama, multi-media presentations, a song, a drawing, a dance, or a poem. I wasn't offered choices like those until grad school.
Being an art teacher is my art form now. My students are my clay. Their souls are my canvas. I celebrate their accomplishments as my own. I want to give to them what I always wanted for myself: an elementary art education.

j vimeo.com/68391419

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