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Recorded by Mark Hays at the Illinois Art Education Association conference, Oct. 25, 2013. Organized by Chris Grodoski.
Facilitator: Olivia Gude
The Panel included: Deborah Reeve, Richard Siegesmund, Laura Milas, Tricia Fuglestad, and Marissa Reyes.
Changes and Shifts Needed in the Field of Visual Arts Education:
-How do changes and shifts in the landscape of education create problems and opportunities for art education?
-What changes do you think are important for the field of art education to initiate in order to make visual art education stronger and more relevant subject for today's students?
-What advice do you have to help motivate members of your group who are reluctant to embrace change?
Building Leadership
-What types of leadership do you think art education currently needs?
-How beneficial is it for art educators to take on leadership roles in other areas of education?
-What can we do to build a culture of shared responsibility and leadership in our field?
-What advice do you have to help students and teachers develop leadership skills?
-What paths are available for individuals interested in taking on various leadership roles in the field?
-What specific goals should leaders in art education work to accomplish at national, state, and local levels?


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