Twelve shots, five seconds each.

This one is experimental, being a collection of shots taken with the new Canon EOS 550D (T2i). Kit lens 18-55mm, manual exposure, hand-held, lowered sharpening settings, no colour correction. No aliasing visible. Full 1080p on YouTube if you want to check finer details, but compression is heavier.

Tip: for full resolution in Final Cut Pro, make sure to set field dominance of the sequence *and* your source clips to "None", before trying to work with them.

Also, it is *possible* to edit the native H.264 clips in a native H.264 sequence and play back at full frame rate on a Mac Pro, but rendering/effects will be slow. Conversion to ProRes before editing is recommended, but if you're short on time and just want straight cuts quickly, go for it.

You may wish to install the native Canon H.264 codecs (that Canon's installer put in your Canon Utilities folder) by putting them in your [Home] > Library > QuickTime > Components folder.


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