because for us it always started with love

what's this, a photographer promo without them holding a camera or shooting ?!? preposterous.

as with our wedding films, the idea behind this promo was to capture the unique essence of justin and mary. when we got right down to it, that didn't involve them actually shooting, it was more about what inspires their shooting. the writing of the VO also ties in so well into who mary is (just read their blog and you will understand, i keep telling her she should be writing books not blog posts).

i love the contrast of the scenes shot in HD with the 7d and the super 8. to me, this contrast really conveys the contrast in their personalities. at times they are very outgoing, quirky, and quite silly. yet at others they are very quiet and romantic. by filming the same scene in the two different formats, i find it helps convey those two side to the same couple.

thanks to justin and mary for being so open and trusting throughout the process. they are both such amazing people and they sure made it tough to leave. thanks to my buddy drew for his help on this shoot - he provided the extra muscle to get both formats shot at the same time, as well as constantly keeping the creative juices flowing through some long shoot days.

check out their site here:

thanks for watching.



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