"Face Off" / WT Series Sell 2
A NEW primary TV promo for the new Wicked Tuna season, coming soon - only on The National Geographic Channel.

Watch the other WTS2 spots:
:30 Primary Series Sell: vimeo.com/55649911
:30 Tease: vimeo.com/54749380

Co-Produced by Creative Director Andy Baker of the National Geographic Channel
Produced, Filmed & Edited by Evolve Digital Cinema
GFX / Design: Evolve IMG & Jeremy Tate (NatGeo Channel)
Sound Design / Mix: Radium Audio Ltd

***See more Evolve work on our Vimeo Channel: vimeo.com/channels/evolveimg ***

Production Team:
Executive Producer / Creative Director: Andy Baker- National Geographic Channel
Directors / Directors of Photography: Joel & Jesse Edwards, Bill Roach - Evolve Digital Cinema
Produced by Kory Kozak & Elizabeth Ai. AP: Tracy Chitupatham
Camera / Lighting / Audio Dept: Mike Bove, Josh Edwards, Christian Hins, Blake Armstrong, Cale Glendening, Logan Cascia, Hans Van Den Bold, Sarah Rivers
**Many thanks to our PAs, boat support team and divers!!

Post Production Team:
Executive Producer / Creative Director: Andy Baker - National Geographic Channel
Design Director: Jeremy Tate - National Geographic Channel
Editors / Colorists: Joel Edwards, Jesse Edwards
VFX / AE / Design Animation: Ninos Houma, Joel Edwards
Sound Design / Mix - Radium Audio LTD
Assistant Editor: Logan Cascia

j vimeo.com/56452862

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