Many animal welfare and animal rights organizations are opposed to the use of wild animals in circuses. The animal rights groups also oppose the use of domestic animals, such as horses or dogs, in circuses. Many of these groups actively campaign against circuses by staging protests to increase awareness of animal rights' violations and to urge circus-goers to boycott circuses and to patronize only animal-free circuses. The groups assert that animals used in the circus are subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment during training, harsh conditions during transport, and a general lack of mental and physical stimulation.
An official dutch university report concluded:
Wild animals in circuses suffer through the inability to exhibit natural behavior and boredom, lack of exercise, overcrowding and frequent, prolonged transport situations.
From the observed animals in the Netherlands showed 71% clinical abnormalities.
Elephants are the most affected of all circus animals. They are approximately 17 hours per day (unnecessarily) chained to a front and rear leg and have averaged over 10 hours a day deviant behavior, which is a symptom of chronic and severe stress.


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