ASTD of Greater Boston presents Renewal for Innovation, presented by Doug Reeves and Elle Allison.

The idea that personal and organizational renewal is too touchy-feeling or is a distraction to "real work" is dead. At least it is for successful organizations with employees doing meaningful work that leads to innovation—and innovation is essential especially during times of global economic and societal upheaval. The question is, can learning professionals teach people to embed renewal that leads to innovation into their daily work and lives? The answer is emphatically YES!

In this session we will share the training and learning tools we use to teach individuals, teams, and whole organizations to create cultures of renewal. Some of those tools include: online assessments and protocols for reflection on those assessment results, the use of a "100-Days to Renewal Project," and open ended "coaching questions" that training and performance leaders can use and teach others to use so that renewal is a topic of conversation every day.

This event was sponsored by ASTD of Greater Boston in October 2009, and hosted by Rebecca's Cafe in Braintree, MA. Additional information about this event can be found at


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