When I spent the summer quarter at the University of California Los Angeles, I took a lot of pictures and also small video clips.
All those short clips have been cut together to this movie, trying to catch the whole experience within 11 minutes.
See Los Angeles, the city of Angels, Hollywood, Venice Beach, Las Vegas (also it's not directly in L.A. or even in California) and of course UCLA!

Some excuses for the bad takes:
I wasn't able to delete some scenes, because they remind me of special events/days/experiences.
Videos were shot with a Samsung WB2000 (or worse).

Produced by
Jens Kürschner (

Music by
Josh Woodward (

Special Thanks to
Denis Kuhn
Love in the Circus (
Wahnderlust (
Howl At The Moon (
all the other great locations and people.


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