Canon 5D mark II with Magic Lantern nighty from 14. may and raw video module.
Focal 50mm
Shutter: 1/48th
Iris: F1.8
ISO: 1600
H.264 footage shoot with Cinestyle picture format.
CF Card: SanDisk Extreme UDMA 60MB/S (A faster card would probably eliminate the dropped frames at this resolution - The 1000x cards with 150MB/s are recomended)

RAW Workflow: extracted DNG sequence from the RAW file using ML's RAW2DNG.exe. Opened all dng's using in Camera RAW using Adobe Bridge. Graded image as flat as posible using contrast and exposure. Changed white balance slightly. Batch exported as 14bit PSD files. Imported PSD's in Premiere Pro CS 5.5 as image sequence. -I'm new at working with RAW, so any tips or improvements to my workflow is welcome.

It usually starts to drop frames somewhere between 150 to 250 and only gets worse from there. (You can see it starts to drop frames at the end of this footage.) Still impressed by what they've been able to do with this so far. I'm hoping they'll have a usable build in the somewhat near future. I'd love to be able to use this for a project :)

Will this damage your sensor? Short answer: NO.

More info at Magic Lanterns forum:


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