Here it is, the first completed project in Magic Lantern RAW on our trusty 5D2. While everyone is saying the alpha of the hack should be used with precaution and not for serious work, it was just too hard to resist.
The workflow is labor intensive but has it's very own charm, as the only CF card capable of at least some RAW recording we currently own is a SanDisk 16GB 60/mbs we basically had to be dumping the footage after every 4.3 minutes we recorded onto a Laptop (+- 15 minutes to download the files, changing film reels must have been faster...). We shot everything in 1880 or 1720 horizontal resolution and the 2.35:1 aspect ratio, graded in ACR, upscaled to 1920 in AE and rendered into cineform with a subtle layer of fine 35mm film grain for a more organic look (gorilla grain if anyone cares), it took forever to get it all down to a managable size in the cineform codec but it made the editing experience so much better then with traditional h.264.
The bathroom scene required even more dynamic range then the 14 bit DNG's could provide and gave us the chance to test the Magic Lantern HDR video function in RAW mode, surprisingly the SNS HDR workflow introduced quite a bit of flicker (some of it even completely withstanding the Sapphire flicker remove filter) while it normally renders almost flicker free results of whatever you throw at it (even Day to night timelapses shot in AV mode...)
Big thanks to all ML developers
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