On the account of me having ongoing technical problems with Box 3, I decided to forgo it and start really buckling down on Magma. My examples are very simplified versions of things that you can do using just PRTs. Not pre-cached PRT's but PRT Surface and the like.

1. The first and second examples are essentially the same. They were made using a PRT Surface onto a plane. I had to ask for help on the Thinkbox forum(Thanks Bobo :) ) to get the PRT surface to have the same particle count as the selected geo has vertices.

The next thing was getting particles to follow the surface of any geo that it "collides" with. For that basically made a rule in Magma that says "Anything that is a distance of 0, use the closest point position of the selected geo and stick to it." Onto the next problem. Frost is great at reading in Normal's created in Magma. However, if I just used the outputted Normal from Magma, the bricks would spin in the wrong direction; so I had to transfer the correct normal axis to an Orientation that frost can read. That worked. Lastly, I just made it so that it only does that based on the distance logic rule I mentioned above. This is because I still wanted it to follow the bent plane surface normals when it's not close to the selected geo.

I hope anyone that is reading this is following me :/

2. Lastly, the third clip. Its the exact same as the other two, but this one just has color values change as the are displaced on the Z-axis. You might notice the "bricks" aren't following a curve. I turned it off because I was getting a noise pattern in the color due to the noise I added to the Surface that the PRT surface was following. - Some were higher on the Z-axis than others. Basically, I just wanted to illustrate the point a lot easier.

j vimeo.com/77551961

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