Whilst working on the film I shot this series of dramatic time-lapses with the help of students.

Most people think animators have great patients, they defiantly do, but they also posses in-human amounts of stamina and of energy! This is something rarely seen by audiences and we wanted to capture and display the animators actions using a slightly different timelapse process.

Instead of just leaving the camera to click away at set intervals, we manually took a frame in-between the frames Barry was capturing as he animated, the results show the puppet moving at the intended 25fps, almost!

Written, directed and animated by: Barry J C Purves

Produced by: Irina Margolina

Produced by: Loose Moose

DOP: Justin Noe

Camera and lighting: Joe Clarke

Puppet by: Mackinnon and Saunders

j vimeo.com/27953845

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