The Reasons for Hope Sustainably Packaged DVD offers you an easy way to change the world in a meaningful way. For only 25 Euros ($33) plus shipping you can help build a school for Batwa Children in Africa and support other Jane Goodall Institute projects in Africa.

The Jakebox DVD packaging is made from 100% recycled paper, has a funky cool Origami DVD holder and is printed using vegetable ink.

The DVD is packed with inspiration from Jane Goodall, ( great music including two orchestra pieces performed by Vienna´s amazing TU Orchestra, a collection of students and teachers who are taking action to affect positive change, Organic Pioneer Werner Lampert, African nature, chimpanzees, footage of the Batwa Pygmies, plus excellent and comprehensive PDF Teaching guides covering the environment, people and animals in Africa.

PLUS A CHANCE TO WIN GREAT PRIZES! as the DVD also comes with a Lottery number. When All 2,000 DVD´s are sold you have the chance to win 1 of 50 great prizes and you have a 1 in 40 chance to win a prize!

1 Grand Prize: Eco-Vacation to either Thailand/Bali/Cambodia/Uganda/Tanzania
3 People to 'Meet and Greet' Jane Goodall in Vienna - (travel/lodging/food not included)
3 Day Passes for Vienna's Schönbrunn Zoo - (travel/lodging/food not included)
5 Jane Goodall T-Shirts
5 'Mr. H. Jr.' cuddly toy mascots
5 Books signed by Jane Goodall - 'Reason For Hope'
5 CDs signed by Jane Goodall - 'My Life'
5 Bracelets from Uganda
5 Necklaces fromUganda
8 Posters from the campaign, 'Die Zukunft der Welt liegt in den Händen unserer Kinder'
5 Books from the film, 'Jane's Journey' signed by the authors Gerda Melchior and Volker


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