Director, artist, and designer Lars Jan is working with the Early Morning Opera creative team, his genre-bending art lab, to affirm the vital function of live events in our increasingly mediated lives. HOLOSCENES explores states of drowning, in water, as well as in the larger systems of our own devising. 

The team is engaged in technical development of video, data, and hydraulic pumps hardware and software design, followed by a four-week video shoot and post-production in an aquarium designed and built as part of the longer, large-scale performance installation HOLOSCENES.

Lars Jan: Director
Jenna Didier: Project Manager
Check Kirivong: Hydraulics Designer
Irina Kruzhilina: Costume Designer
Chris Kuhl: Lighting Designer
Pablo N. Molina: Data System Designer + Programmer
Nathan Ruyle: Sound Designer
Geoff Sobelle: Choreographer + Performer
Peter Zuspan: Aquarium + Environment Designer


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