Was trying out some new modules tonight.
2 Malekko Unkle VCO's multi wave outs mixed through SubMix7 into ModDemix (vca mode), from ModDemix into the new Intellijel Corgasmatron dual Filter. Various modulations to the filter done by clocked Wogglebug and Pressurepoints. The new Corgasmatron is a great filter! lots of great sounds possible! I also just fixed up my SH-101 and have that being clocked off the SEQ01/808. It's providing the acid sounding bassline. Everything is being mixed via the Unify Mixer by Circuit Abbey then ran through the Eventide Time Factor delay pedal.

Pitch CV is being generated by the STG Graphic Sequencer running through the Intellijel uScale which is also being shifted by a 4 step sequencer from the z8000.

All of my clocks are being generated by the MFB SEQ01 which is being slaved by the Cowbell trigger output of the 808.

At some point through the video I crank up the Res controls and let the filter oscillate with the incoming FM modulation happening at the same time. It can be touchy and you will need to practice with it but it can be a really cool thing. I have the filters in series, first is in LP and 2nd is in BP. Jumper settings are NOT in the "vintage mode" I have yet to try vintage modes. and am curious how that will effect the resonance controls.

j vimeo.com/26526660

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