Recorded 23 May 2011 at the Roots conference in Bergen, Norway.


Most corporations now have a multitude of services (SOAP, REST, etc)
running on a number of different servers, within several different web
containers / application servers / ESBs. Many of these services depend
on each other. There are also several different environments: test,
pre-production, production etc., each with different servers and

All those service locations require a lot of configuration and present many
opportunities for mistakes

In this lightning talk I will talk about DDSL, Dynamic Distributed
Service Locator (, and how it can help
you. DDSL (Java/scala), is very lightweight, using Apache zookeeper to provide
fault-tolerant infrastructure, achieving vendor independent service
discovery with features like:

* No single point of failure
* No configuration needed when adding new services
* Automatic load balancing
* Hot-swapping of services
* Simultaneously deployment of different versions of same service


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