In this Q&A video, I talk about a few Canon/Nikon lens adapters for the Sony NEX-FS100.

Key points of note:
- Once you purchase and receive the adapter, inspect all screws on the mount, making sure they are tight. Inspect the screws after every gig in case they start to loosen up.

- Inspect the lens locking pin *before* attaching a lens to the adapter. Any damage or weakness in the locking pin may cause your lens to be attached to the adapter permanently.

- Adapters can be found on eBay anywhere from $15 on up and there are many different makes/models.

- The adapters featured in this video are considered "dumb" adapters and will not allow you to control aperture or focus from the camera body. The Berger FS-100 adapter is currently scheduled to be released in early 2012 and will control aperture in most Canon lenses.


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