Stanley Greene worked in Jabal al-Zawiya in northwest Syria in March and in Aleppo in April. There he found a war that had pushed people almost beyond the limits of sanity. Civilians, including mothers and children, were forced into hiding, even inside tombs, hunting for scraps of food and targeted by snipers when they dared to emerge.

Others fled the country, with more certain to follow, Greene said. Over 2 million Syrians have already sought refuge in neighbouring states.

"The people are leaving. You are about to see mass exodus. All of these countries are about to be put to the test. Jordan which has had a relatively safe passage through the Arab Spring could get sucked in before it knows it. Look at Turkey's discontent (at) refugees spilling over. Lebanon… The scenarios are endless," the American photographer said.

Stanley Greene shows us the despair of Syrians in their everyday struggle for survival, he does it with grace and dignity - once again we see the human face behind the tragedy of war.

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Interview and filming: Claudine Boeglin
Multimedia producer: Mariagrazia Petito Di Leo
Design: Ye Li


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