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Role: Lead Motion Graphics designer, under the wing of : Production Designers Ben Procter and Sean Haworth, visual effects director Matthew Butler, and director Gavin Hood.

Starting in late 2011, I received the opportunity to join the creative team for Ender's Game and continued off and on the project for about a year and a half in total.  My main objective was to visualize the interface technology and then creatively design them into each unique scene of the film; this process involved everything from the more simple design of door latch actuators to the more massively complex setting of battle simulations.  It was a very rewarding and challenging project and the biggest in my career at that time, since I was able to be involved  in so many stages from pre-production meetings to the final modifications and edits of the film.  From my early talks with Ben, Sean, Matthew, and Gavin, and then seeing my rough sketches manifest themselves onto the film screen was all an amazing experience.  The images below vary greatly in time and design scale: some are unused concepts that didn't make the final edit, some are style frames created to pitch ideas of the story, and others are actual moments or frames that got incorporated into the released film.  All in all, I generated about 650+ Photoshop files and many pages of scribbles and notes, so this is only a glimpse into my journey on this incredible project.

Besides the wonderful experience and lessons learned from my involvement on this film, I met some amazing collaborators whom I am now so fortunate to call my friends.  I would like to personally thank Ben Procter, Sean Haworth, Matthew Butler, G Creative, and Gavin Hood who took a risk on a young, passionate, newly established artist.  Ender's Game was the first feature film to help launch the beginning of my freelance design career, and I'm thankful for this blessing that helped open the door to many more feature film projects and creative opportunities since it started back in 2011. 

Ash Thorp
Lead Graphics Designer

Jayse Hansen
Lead Motion Graphics Artist

Ryan Cashman
Motion Graphics Concept Animator

Navarro Parker
Motion Graphics Animator

Alasdair Willson
Motion Graphics Animator/Reel Title Animation

Paul Beaudry/G-creative
Lead Motion Graphics Artist

Franck Deron
Reel Edit

Gavin Hood
Film Directer

Matthew E Butler
Digital Domain VFX Supervisor

Ben Procter and Shawn Haworth
Production Designers

Gladys Tong
G-Creative Supervisor

The Four Seasons / Recomposed by Max Richter (2/4)

Final compositing by Digital Domain and Goldtooth Creative

©Oddlot Entertainment / ©Summit Entertainment


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