Tonight was the night I dreamed about since last January. I finally got to fly my custom built paraglider trike. ( For clarification, the trike is a stock Fresh Breeze Bullix. Engine mounts, cage application, fuel system, netting install, kill switches, remote choke, fabricated by southernskies and myself) The trike is a Fresh Breeze Bullix trike made in Germany. The USA importer is
Fresh Breeze manufactures backpack footlaunch motors and a number of very nice trikes. They are one of the oldest companies in the Powered Paraglider buisness. I have owned a number of their motors over the years. However, I made a choice not to put one of their backpack motors or any powered paraglider companies motors on this trike for two reasons. Power and expense. For less than the price of a state of the art foot launch paramotor without a trike, I have a state of the art trike with powerfull reliable inexspensive tried and true Rotax 447. The idea came to me to put a Rotax engine on this trike last September at a flyin in Shippensburg PA. I saw the Bullix trike and after looking at it and sitting in it I knew it was the one for me for a number of reasons. Later that year I discovered via the internet that a pilot in Germany had put a Rotax 503 on the same trike. Obsession was instant. I knew it could be done and now I saw someone that did it. The rest is history. Reduction is via a Rotax- A type -gearbox. I purchased the motor used, for next to nothing, had a local mechanic go over it, and ended up with HUGE power and reliability. This is as smooth as it gets as far as vibration and with the abundant power, this thing just leaps off the ground. Cruise is about 3500 RPM with a MacPara Pasha 42 meter wing that I have on loan from Kevin McElvey of
I will be flying either a Reflex wing or a standard wing of smaller size as my final choice. Right now I am in wing trial mode. Fuel economy should be very good, making long flights a real possiblility. Enjoy the vid. If you have any questions contact me at


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