110 % UNOFFICIAL VIDEO & AUDIO REMIX of the original song by PUSHA T x KANYE WEST x DON CANNON & original video directed by SOME.
(All without an acapella, too.)



DJ PACK INCLUDES / Full Video Remix / Notes to Self Freestyle / Instrumental Remix

The Story
Russ gets shxtfaced one night with the homies, gets home and Pusha’s ‘Numbers’ video premiere is staring him dead in his face. His computer monitor aglow with Push’s mug against open backgrounds, it calls to him – “Flip my new shxt." He'd been in love with the joint since the mp3 dropped, he decides to touch Push’s brand new video while intoxicated.

4 hours later he writes Bronze an E-mail during a half-sobered moment:
“quick question – i love that new Pusha T / Kanye x Cannon – Numbers track …out of interest, how easy is it for you & Book to remix a track like that for the sake of a new video flip? i haven’t found an acapella for you just yet… but you think Kanye will be pissed if we make Pusha’s video better… ?”

Russ tells Bronze he’s gotta tie one on in the studio to get on his creative level and keep it moving... nah, Haha, that parts bs. But the rest was history.

The Facts

"Push murk’d the shxt out Cannon’s soon-to-be-classic flip, so we all HAD to put our spin on this great song – with the Book & Bronze stamp.

Relax, everyone is doing it. But without an acapella? We even put out the bat signal looking for one.

An honest homage to these great artists continuing to inspire us.

We’ve learned our lesson, every camp for themselves, no?

If this disposable art has taught us anything, it’s to make something out of everything.

…bcus the whole shxt was begging to be jacked and flipped.

You inspired yet? By all means, fxck with this video & download pack, like we did the original. We’re making this easy for you – sharing is caring."

Peace & Thanks to Push, Don Cannon, Kanye and So Me for truly inspiring us. Shouts to GOOD just bcus.

We’re fans.



Original Video Credits:
Director - SOME /
Production Company - SomeSuch&Co /


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