Children with disabilities are often affected by the sights, sounds, smells and activity around them. After a long school bus ride, a hectic cafeteria breakfast, and the bustle of morning preparations, many children have little patience left for school.

One way to help calm and focus children is through sensory experiences. Soothing music, massage, brushes, compression vests, lotion, scents, and other sensory aids are gathered on a special cart. Occupational Therapists bring this cart into a room and engage all the staff and all the students in a peaceful, sensory experience.

The mobile cart reduces the cost of providing every class with all the equipment used in a sensory session. Also, the scheduled visit creates an expectation that everyone in the class, therapists, assistant teachers, teachers, aides, and students will have a common, introspective experience that will extend through the rest of the school day.

Susan Abdulezer
Video Producer
District 75 NYC Department of Education


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