A discussion with photographer Wyatt Gallery about his current project, Tent Life: Haiti.

“Through a wide range of images, from intimate portraits to dramatic shots of tents that seem to meet the horizon, Gallery shows how more than a million Haitians are living today.” ~ Elizabeth Taylor, Literary Editor, Chicago Tribune

“In more than 70 striking color photographs, photojournalist Gallery offers an unvarnished look at the temporary tent cities of postearthquake Port-au-Prince, rendering a stark yet hopeful portrait of life after devastating disaster.” ~ Publishers Weekly

In beautiful, inspirational portraits of dignity and determination, Wyatt Gallery’s photography book, Tent Life: Haiti (April 2011) shows us the reality of Haitian living almost a year after the “worst natural calamity to befall any one country in modern times.” The 1.5 million Haitians who lost their homes in January 2010 still overwhelmingly live in tent cities, and the promised billions in foreign aid have yet to materialize.

While peacekeepers and aid donors have budgets that overshadow the government’s, a lack of coordination in their efforts has hampered recovery. Much remains to be done, and Tent Life: Haiti places a spotlight on the needs greater than money: housing, education, and good government.

100% royalties from the book go to Haitian charities J/P Haitian Relief Organization, Healing Haiti, and the Global Syndicate.

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j vimeo.com/21975036

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