A single teenage mother struggles with her child's father in prison.

Created by Octavio Jones

Brittany Wheeler, 17, thought that she was starting a family when her daughter was born. She did not know that she would be sending her boyfriend to jail. This is what happens when the laws in place to keep us safe sometimes keep us apart.

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BRITTANY: It's amazing what kids can do to you just by the look of their face, but every time that I see her it's just… I'm a mother I got to do this, I got to do this, I got to get on it. I could never give up. I wouldn't never give up.

The first time I met or… found out what his name was everything he just came over to my house drunker than a skunk and fell of his bike and ask me to date him and that how we started getting together…and then he said he wanted to spend of all his time with me. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever, so we just stayed together. And then a couple of months later I found out that I was pregnant.

Jamie was 19 when I first met him and I was 13. I wasn't thinking, I was just young.

Well the hospital policy is that if an underage girl is having a baby with a over age guy and there at the hospital together then they have to notify Child Services.

I don't why they decided to do it to us. I didn't know the truth and still don't know the truth.

As soon as he gets out and I'm 18 they can't really say anything about us being together.

With him out here it would be a whole lot easier financially it would be a whole lot easier emotionally… he can take care of Alexi while I'm going to college for a good job so we can put our money together and get us a nice house for her, a nice roof over her head, always have food in the house always have nice clothes for her, always have everything that she needs and not run out of everything for her.

I do wanna have a family with Jamie.

I know how it is not to have a dad.

I saw him everyday but he wasn't there for us like he should have been like a real father should have been. He wasn't there for us… and that's why I don't want I don't want Jamie to be in jail because of Alexi.

It will give her dad.

Every night when she goes to bed and I'm sitting in the living room all by myself. I feel like it's just me again.

In the morning I wake up and she's sitting there in front of me and she says "mommy wake up it's morning" and it changes my mind about everything.

The second he gets out I want him me him and Lexi, just the three of us, only the three of us and spend all day together not a minute away from each other and then next day hopefully we can be a family and not have anything to worry about anymore.

And that's all I want, I just wanna be happy because most of my life I wasn't cause I wasn't, so that's all I want. That's all I want for Lexi.

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