Today, February 1th of 2013, Into the Shadows has won the First Prize at the World Press Photo awards, Online Short category.

“Into the Shadows” – A multimedia documentary by Pep Bonet, Line Hadsbjerg and José Bautista/KanseiSounds

In July 2012, the team Pep Bonet, Line Hadsbjerg & José Bautista, arrived in Johannesburg with the intention to create a body of multimedia documentary work: written testimonies, pictures and a documentary film of the urban slum buildings in the inner city of Johannesburg. We stepped into the underworld of Johannesburg...

In creating this multimedia documentary, our objective is to gain an all-rounded perspective on a complex social issue, and therefore chose to interview a wide selection of slum building residents as well as other stakeholders who are active in the city; including NGO’s, property developers, urban planners and the City Council.

Our hope is that this multimedia documentary will bring all stakeholders to one table, to combine the creative minds of the city to address the urgency and desperate needs of the people of the inner city of Johannesburg.

Photography, direction and camera: Pep Bonet, Noor Images
Producer, script and interviews: Line Hadsbjerg, Remarkable World
Sound designer, music and multimedia editor/postproduction: José Bautista, KanseiSounds



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