In this part of the Earth Lab gallery, a vibrant display of photography harmonizes with three touchscreen interactives to tell the human story unfolding in response to a warming planet.

The storyline of this section investigates our most vulnerable communities, how scientists know what they know about the future of the climate, and our options for confronting a warming planet.

The first area concentrates on the impacts people are facing in the present day and what we can expect over the next century. Changes are happening to our ecosystems, food, weather, and health—the first kiosk captures a matrix of “impact events” related to these areas and gives visitors an opportunity to see where these impacts might happen and how severe they might be. The next section documents the stories of individuals and communities on the front lines of global warming. Striking photojournalism, documentary videos, and extended slideshows allows visitors to hear first-person accounts of flooding, drought, erosion, forest fires, and melting ice.

To validate the predictions of future impacts, an interactive animation explores the mathematical tools, commonly referred to as “climate models,” scientists use to predict the climate. Climate models are famously difficult to illustrate but an integral part of climate scientist’s research—this interactive simplifies the concept and makes it accessible. The final two parts of the exhibit discuss strategies for change and human response. Bold photography captures how humans are “adapting” to climate change, while others are attempting to “mitigate” the future. The message revealed is that only a combination of the two will forge a safe path for future generations.

For complete project credits visit:

Marian Koshland Science Museum


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